Psalms 37

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'37:1 (e-0) An acrostic Psalm with double verses. see Ps.25. 37:3 on (f-13) Or 'give thyself to.' 37:5 unto (g-4) Lit. 'Roll thy way upon.' see Ps. 22.8. 37:6 judgment (h-13) Or 'thy right.' 37:9 land. (i-17) Or 'the earth;' and so in vers. 11,22,29,34. see Ps. 25.13 and Note, Matt. 5.5. 37:10 he (k-17) Or 'it.' 37:11 prosperity. (l-16) Or 'peace' 37:17 upholdeth (a-12) Or 'sustaineth,' as Ps. 3.5. 37:20 lambs. (b-17) Others, 'the splendour of the meadows.' 37:23 man (c-5) Geber, as Ps. 34.8. see Job 3.3, and cf. Job 4.17. 37:24 hand. (d-15) Others, 'upholdeth (or, 'sustaineth') [him with] his hand.' 37:28 saints. (e-10) Chasid, as Ps. 30.4. 37:36 away, (f-4) Or 'and one passed by.' 37:37 peace; (g-15) Or 'for there is a future to the man of peace.'
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