Psalms 38

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'38:1 wrath; (a-15) It is 'indignation.' from the idea of breaking out into anger.' displeasure. (b-22) 'Hot displeasure,' ('fury,' Ps. 88.7), would be rather stronger. Both words (notes a and b) are of discipline. 38:2 me, (c-7) Lit. 'have descended into me.' 38:3 indignation; (d-11) 'Punitive anger against evil.' the same word is in Ps. 69.24; 78.49; 102,10. 38:4 over (e-6) i.e. as waters. 38:5 corrupt, (f-6) Or 'they run.' 38:7 burning, (g-7) Or 'a loathsome [plague].' 38:11 stroke; (h-10) Or 'plague,' as Gen. 12.17; and so in Ps. 39.10. 38:12 meditate (i-22) Or 'talk.' 38:20 adversaries (k-9) Heb. plural of Satan, as Ps. 71.13; 109.4,20,29. Sing. in 1Chron. 21.1; Job 1 and 2; Ps. 109.6; Zech. 3.1,2.
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