Psalms 4

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'4:1 call, (b-14) It is abstract, 'in my calling.' so ver. 3. 4:3 pious (c-9) Chasid, an adjective used of man and of God; it is translated 'holy,' 'pious,' 'saint,' 'gracious.' Chesed is the noun meaning 'piety' and recognition of God on man's part, and of 'grace' and 'loving-kindness' on God's part. see 2Chron. 6.42. 4:4 anger, (d-4) Or 'tremble.' 4:5 Offer (e-1) As Ex. 23.18; Ps. 50.14. confide (f-6) * Implying 'security without anxiety,' and so elsewhere. 4:8 safety. (g-20) Or 'for thou, Jehovah, makest me [although] alone [yet] to dwell,' &c.. see Deut. 33. 28.
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