Psalms 40

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'40:4 man (f-4) Geber. see Job 3.3. 40:6 Sacrifice (g-1) See Ex. 23.18 and Lev. 1.3, Note b. prepared (h-11) Lit. 'digged' or 'hollowed out.' 40:7 volume (i-9) Or 'roll.' 40:8 heart. (k-17) Lit. 'bowels.' 40:12 iniquities (l-9) Or 'my punishments.' Gen. 19.15. see; (m-19) Or 'look at them.' 40:13 (a-0) With vers. 13-17 compare Ps. 70. 40:15 of (b-6) Or 'for a reward of.'
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