Psalms 44

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'44:1 work (k-26) As Isa. 45.9. 44:2 peoples, (a-18) Leummim, as Ps. 2.1; and so ver. 14. 44:4 thyself (b-2) Lit. 'Thou, He.' 'Thou [art] the Same.' see Deut. 32.39, Ps. 102.27 deliverance (c-9) Lit. 'salvations;' see note c, Ps. 42.5. 44:12 price; (d-16) Or 'hast not increased their price.' 44:16 avenger. (e-18) As Ps. 8.2.
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