Psalms 45

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'45:1 Shoshannim. (f-6) Meaning, 'Lilies.' composed (g-34) Or 'my occupation,' as Gen. 46.33. 45:8 glad. (a-18) Or 'from which they have gladdened thee.' 45:9 women; (b-7) Or 'glorious ones.' 45:12 people, (c-14) As Ps. 7.8. 45:13 within; (d-7) i.e. in the royal apartments. 45:16 earth. (e-17) As Ps. 58.2. 45:17 peoples (c-15) As Ps. 7.8. thee (f-17) Or 'give thee thanks.'
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