Psalms 49

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'49:1 peoples; (a-16) Ammim. Ps. 7.8. world. (b-23) Or 'age.' see Ps. 17.14. 49:2 degree, (c-9) Lit. 'Both sons of Adam and sons of Ish.' 49:3 wisdom, (d-5) Lit. 'wisdoms.' 49:5 supplanters (e-15) Or 'of them who would trip me up.' 49:9 corruption. (f-10) Or 'the pit.' see Job 17.14. 49:11 names. (g-24) Or 'their names are proclaimed in the lands.' 49:13 folly, (h-6) Or 'confidence.' 49:15 power (i-9) Lit. 'hand.' receive (k-15) Or 'take,' as Gen. 5.24. 49:19 It (l-1) i.e. his soul.
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