Psalms 68

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'68:1 him. (a-27) See Num 10.35. 68:4 for (b-12) Or 'triumph in.' Jah; (c-22) The existing One, objectively. Jah occurs 43 times from Psalms 68 to 150 and 7 times elsewhere -- Ex. 15.2, see Note; 17.16; Cant. 8.6; Isa. 12.2; 26.4; 38.11 (twice). 68:6 families; (d-6) Or 'maketh the solitary to dwell in a home.' bound (e-10) Or 'prisoners,' as Ps. 69.33. 68:8 Israel. (f-23) See Judg. 5.3,5. 68:9 rain (g-8) Or 'a rain of free gifts.' 68:10 flock (h-2) Or 'living assembly,' 'incorporated people;' as 'troop,' Ps. 74.19. 68:11 word. (i-5) Omer. see Note, Ps. 119.11. publishers. (k-11) i.e. women publishing victory, like Miriam. the word is feminine, see Ex. 15.20; 1Sam. 18.6. 68:13 sheepfolds, (l-7) Others, 'pots' or 'ash-grates,' but see Judg. 5.16. green (m-23) Strictly, 'greenish-yellow.' 68:14 it, (n-7) i.e. the land. 68:15 God, (o-8) Or 'A mount of God is mount Bashan.' 68:18 Man, (p-16) i.e. as man (Adam), in connection with mankind. dwelling (q-24) See Ex. 25.8. 68:20 salvation; (r-7) Or '*God is for us a *God of salvations.' 68:33 old. (a-13) See Deut. 33.26, 27.
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