Psalms 71

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'71:3 rock (c-24) Sela, as Ps. 18.2 (first time); 31.3, &c. 71:6 forth. (d-20) Or 'art my benefactor.' 71:8 shall (e-3) Or 'Let my mouth.' 71:13 adversaries (f-11) Heb. Satan. see Ps. 38.20. 71:16 recall (g-13) Or 'make mention of.' 71:19 high, (h-8) Or 'is very high.' 71:20 us (a-5) us (a-12) us (a-17) Or 'me.' 71:21 side. (b-11) Or 'and thou wilt turn and comfort me.' 71:22 thee (c-5) Or 'give thee thanks.' psaltery, (d-8) Lit. 'an instrument, a lute.' 71:23 I (e-6) Or 'exult; for I will.'
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