Psalms 78

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'78:2 utter (f-11) As Ps. 19.2. 78:7 works (a-14) As Ps. 77.11. 78:12 Zoan. (b-19) i.e. Tanis, a town in Lower Egypt. 78:16 rock, (c-8) Sela, as Ps. 31.3. 78:17 provoking (d-9) Or 'rebelling against;' and so ver. 40. 78:19 prepare (e-12) Or 'furnish,' as Prov. 9.2. 78:32 in (f-10) Or 'by.' 78:35 redeemer. (a-15) As Ps. 69.18. 78:36 flattered (b-3) The word means, 'make pretence,' elsewhere 'entice,' 'deceive.' 78:40 provoke (c-5) Or 'rebel against.' 78:41 grieved (d-9) Or 'limited.' 78:42 delivered (e-10) Lit. 'redeemed.' 78:45 dog-flies (f-3) Or 'vermin;' but it is as in Ex. 8.21. 78:46 caterpillar, (g-8) Lit. 'the devourer,' a species of locust. so 1Kings 8.37; 2Chron. 6.28. see Joel 1.4. 78:61 glory (h-9) Lit. 'beauty.' 78:63 young (a-5) Or 'chosen,' as ver. 31. 78:64 lamentation. (b-12) Or 'wept not.'
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