Psalms 8

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'8:1 Gittith. (l-7) * See also Ps. 81 and 84. A musical instrument. The word is feminine. set (m-26) Possibly imperative, it would then read, '... earth! because of which set thou,' &c. 8:2 praise (n-12) Or 'founded strength;' same word as in Ps. 68.34; 96.6,7; 132.8. adversaries, (o-16) Tzar, the 'adversary' of Christ, or 'oppressor' of the remnant, from within, as Ps. 3.1; 27.2,12. enemy (p-20) Oyeb, external 'enemy,' as Ex. 15.9; 23.22; Num. 10.35. 8:4 man, (q-3) Enosh, 'feeble,' 'mortal man,' man looked at as a race, in contrast with distinguished individuals. see Gen. 4.26; Ps. 144.3. man, (r-14) Adam. visitest (s-17) Or 'regardest.' 8:5 little (t-6) Or 'some little.' angels, (u-10) Elohim. see Ps. 97.7.
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