Psalms 80

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'80:1 Psalm.} (a-10) Or 'On lilies. A testimony of Asaph. a Psalm.' cherubim, (b-29) Or 'dwellest above the cherubim,' so Ps. 99.1; but there the article is omitted before 'cherubim.' 80:4 anger (c-9) Lit. 'wilt thou.' 80:10 *God; (d-16) Or 'great cedars.' see Ps. 36.6. 80:12 fences, (e-7) Or 'enclosure-walls.' see Eccles. 10.8; Ezek. 22.30. 80:13 beast (f-12) Or 'roaming creature,' as Ps. 50.11. 80:15 which (g-4) Others, 'And protect that which.' plant (h-13) Lit. 'the son.' 80:17 man (i-16) Or 'Adam's son,' as Ps. 8.4.
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