Psalms 86

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'86:2 godly; (c-7) Or 'pious,' 'holy,' chasid, one who is the object of God's loving-kindness (chesed). see ver. 13 and Ps. 85.7,10, and Note to Ps. 4.3; and, by way of contrast, Ps. 43.1. 86:5 forgive, (d-9) Lit. 'forgiving.' 86:12 praise (e-3) Or 'thank;' and so Ps. 88.10. 86:15 goodness (f-16) Or 'loving-kindness,' chesed, as in vers. 5,13, and Ps. 103.8. see Ex.34.6.
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