Psalms 88

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'88:1 Leannoth. (e-16) The meaning of Mahalath is uncertain, see Ps. 53. Leannoth may mean 'for subdued singing.' 88:3 Sheol. (f-14) See Ps. 6.5. 88:5 Prostrate (g-1) Or 'Cast away.' hand. (h-25) i.e. 'from thy leading and helping hand.' 88:6 places, (i-11) Or 'in darkness,' lit. 'darknesses.' 88:7 waves. (k-15) Strictly, 'breakers,' as Ps. 42.7. 88:10 wonders (l-4) Lit. 'wonder.' shades (m-10) Or 'the dead,' as Job 26.5; Prov. 2.18; Isa. 14.9; not the same as 'dead' in this verse. 88:11 Destruction? (n-12) Heb. Abaddon. 88:12 wonders (l-3) Lit. 'wonder.' 88:13 thee. (o-18) Lit. 'cometh to meet thee.' 88:16 anger (a-3) The Hebrew word is plural.
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