Psalms 9

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'9:1 Muthlabben. (a-6) Perhaps 'the death of [his] son.' 9:5 wicked; (b-10) The word is in the singular, and as such, characteristic; so in ver. 16. it is plural in ver. 17. 9:6 perished. (c-20) Or 'their memorial hath perished [along with] them,' or 'even theirs.' 9:8 world (d-9) Tebel, the habitable earth. see 1Sam. 2.8; Ps 19.4; 24.1; 33.8; 98.7,9, &c.; Prov. 8.31. 9:9 refuge (e-6) refuge (e-12) Strictly, 'high fortress;' 'high tower,' Ps. 18.2. 9:12 he (f-8) Or 'For he that requireth blood.' 9:13 lifting (g-15) Or 'thou that liftest.' 9:16 Higgaion. (h-21) This may mean, 'to be played on the harp;' if not 'meditate.' Same word as Ps. 19.14; 92.3; Lam. 3.62. 9:18 meek (i-14) Plural, or 'the afflicted ones;' 'meek' and 'afflicted' are connected in Hebrew. 9:19 man (k-5) Enosh. see Ps. 8.4. 9:20 men. (k-15) Enosh. see Ps. 8.4.
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