Psalms 90

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'90:2 forth, (b-6) Or 'given birth to,' same in Hebrew as 'begot' in Deut. 32.18. formed (c-10) Or 'brought forth,' as Deut. 32.18; Prov. 8.24,25. world, (d-15) See 1Sam. 2.8. 90:3 dust, (e-8) Lit. 'to crumbling.' 90:9 thought. (f-17) Or 'sigh.' 90:10 vanity, (g-27) These words are rendered 'mischief and iniquity,' when presented actively. see Job 4.8; Ps. 55.10. 90:13 thee (h-9) Or 'and be merciful to.' 90:14 early (i-3) Or 'in the morning.' 90:16 unto (k-11) Or 'upon.' 90:17 beauty (l-4) See Ps. 27.4.
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