Psalms 94

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'94:7 Jah (d-3) See Note c, Ps. 68.4. 94:10 instructeth (e-3) Or 'chasteneth.' 94:11 vanity. (f-10) Or 'a breath,' as Job 7.16; Ps. 39.5,6,11, &c. 94:12 Jah, (d-9) See Note c, Ps. 68.4. man (g-4) Geber. see Job 3.3. 94:15 it. (h-15) That is, 'judgment.' 94:17 almost (i-11) Or 'soon.' 94:20 wickedness (a-5) See Ps. 55.11, 'perversities.' see Note d, Ps. 5.9. mischief (b-12) Or 'iniquity.'
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