Revelation of John 18

1:1 place; (b-19) Aorist, lit. 'have taken place,' perhaps 'be accomplished.' signified (c-22) * Lit. 'made known by signs.'18:2 hold (f-24) hold (f-31) Or 'prison,' where they are confined. 18:5 another (g-9) Lit. 'joined together.' 18:6 double, (h-12) Some authorities omit 'to her,' in which case we must say 'and double twofold according to her works.' 18:8 God (a-28) See Note l, ch. 1.8. 18:11 lading (b-17) Or 'merchandise.' 18:13 amomum, (c-4) A spice-plant. 18:14 lust (d-8) Lit. 'ripe fruit of the lust.' 18:17 place, (e-22) To any particular place; as we say now, chartered for such or such a place, or sailing to the place.
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