Revelation of John 2

1:1 place; (b-19) Aorist, lit. 'have taken place,' perhaps 'be accomplished.' signified (c-22) * Lit. 'made known by signs.'2:8 became (a-20) See Note f, ch. 1.18. lived. (b-23) That is, after having died. see chs. 1.17,18; 13.14; Matt. 9.18; Rom 14.9. 2:11 wise (c-22) A strong negative. 2:18 fine (d-33) Or 'shining.' 2:20 woman (e-10) Some read 'thy wife,' alluding doubtless to Jezebel's connexion with responsible Ahab. And that is the meaning I believe of 'angel;' the symbolical representative of the assembly seen in those responsible in it, which indeed all really are. Hence 'thee,' and 'to you,' 'to you each,' and 'the rest.' servants (f-24) Or 'bondmen,' as ch. 1.1. 2:23 know (g-14) Ginosko. chs. 2.23,24; 3.3,9; elsewhere Oida in this book. see 1Cor. 8.1. 2:24 who (a-19) 'Such as.' known (b-22) See Note, ver. 23.
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