Revelation of John 8

1:1 place; (b-19) Aorist, lit. 'have taken place,' perhaps 'be accomplished.' signified (c-22) * Lit. 'made known by signs.'8:1 was (a-9) Ginomai. It took place then. 8:4 with (b-9) There is no Greek preposition here for 'with;' the sense is 'associated with and giving its efficacy to,' according to ver.3. 8:5 on (c-19) Or 'to,' eis, Matt. 12.20. 8:7 upon (c-20) Or 'to,' eis, Matt. 12.20. were (d-18) Or 'it was.' 8:8 into (c-18) Or 'to,' eis, Matt. 12.20. 8:10 upon (e-25) upon (e-33) Epi, as ch. 16.2.
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