Romans 13

1:1 called (f-7) 'A called apostle,' i.e. an apostle by (divine) calling. Cf. ver. 7 'called saints,' and see note there.13:1 subject (h-5) Or 'let every soul subject itself.' it is reflexive; see Note e, Heb. 1.3. 'Sets himself in opposition,' ver. 2, is in direct contrast. 13:2 bring (i-23) Lit. 'shall receive.' 13:8 fulfilled (k-16) Perfect tense. By the conduct which flows from love, the law is already fulfilled before its requirement is applied. 13:9 lust; (l-18) See Ex. 20.13-17. thyself. (m-40) See Lev. 19.18. 13:10 whole (a-12) Lit. 'fulness of law.' 13:11 also, (b-2) 'This also;' assigning another and additional reason for what he says. 13:12 near; (c-10) Or 'drawn nigh.'
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