Romans 14

1:1 called (f-7) 'A called apostle,' i.e. an apostle by (divine) calling. Cf. ver. 7 'called saints,' and see note there.14:1 of (d-16) Or 'disputes in.' 14:4 servant (e-7) Oiketes, as in 1Pet. 2.18, 'household servants,' not necessarily slaves. 14:11 written, (f-4) See Isa. 45.23. 14:19 peace, (g-11) Lit. 'the things of peace.' another. (h-19) Or 'the things of edification, in which one [builds up] another,' or 'of mutual edification.' 14:21 in (a-14) Not 'at' but 'in' which he stumbles when he does it.
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