Romans 8

1:1 called (f-7) 'A called apostle,' i.e. an apostle by (divine) calling. Cf. ver. 7 'called saints,' and see note there.8:3 sin, (d-30) i.e. as a sacrifice for sin. The same expression as in Heb. 10.6,18,26; 13.11. Used frequently in LXX in Leviticus for a 'sin-offering,' as Lev. 5.11; 7.37; 16.5; Num. 8.8. 8:4 requirement (e-6) 'Righteous requirement,' as ch. 1.32; not the 'habit of righteousness.' 8:9 Spirit, (f-9) An instance of the difficulty of putting a large or small 'S.' It is clearly the state and characteristic of the believer; but it is so by the presence of the Spirit. See ver. 15; ch. 1.4. 8:15 adoption, (g-20) 'A spirit of adoption' might read 'Spirit of adoption.' See Notes on ver. 9 and ch 1.4. 'Adoption' is the same word as 'sonship' in Gal. 4.5. 8:17 with (a-25) Lit. 'If we co-suffer that we may be co-glorified,' but this is hardly English. 8:18 revealed (b-23) Or 'the glory about to be revealed.' but the sense is most nearly given in the text. See Gal. 3.23 and 1Cor. 3.22. The emphasis is on 'coming,' in contrast with 'this present time.' 8:19 anxious (c-3) Or 'constant,' as Phil. 1.20. 8:21 glory (d-20) 'Glorious liberty,' as in A.V., does not give the sense. The creature has no part in the liberty of grace; but it will have in that which glory gives. 8:22 creation (e-7) 'Creation' is the same in Greek as 'creature' in vers. 19-21; but the Greek for 'whole' gives it a concrete and not an abstract character, i.e. 'creation.' 8:23 groan (f-19) As Mark 7.34. adoption, (g-23) See Note, ver. 15. 8:26 help (h-10) It means 'to take up a person's cause, so as to help him.' The 'with,' added in Greek, is rendered 'join.' Only occurs here and Luke 10.40. weakness; (i-13) Or 'infirmity.' 8:28 *do* (k-3) Refers to ver. 26. 8:29 be (l-23) See Note h, ch. 4.11. 8:34 died, (m-11) Aorist. See Note to ch. 5.6. 8:36 written, (n-5) See Ps. 44.22. 8:37 loved (a-14) Aorist. See Note to ch. 5.6.
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