Ruth 2

1:1 ruled, (a-12) Shaphat, lit. 'judged.' country (b-32) Lit. 'fields,' 'farmlands,' as ver. 6, and elsewhere. As 2 Kings 8.3,5.2:1 relation (b-5) Or 'friend,' 'acquaintance.' Boaz. (c-23) Meaning, 'in him is strength.' 2:3 allotment (d-22) Lit. 'portion of [the] field.' 2:5 servant (e-6) Or 'young man.' also ver. 6, as Judg. 19.3 and 9. 2:10 foreigner? (f-34) Or 'stranger.' 2:13 to (g-26) Lit. 'spoken to the heart of.' handmaid, (h-28) Or 'bondwoman.' 2:16 out (a-7) According to others, 'let fall.' handfuls, (b-15) Or 'sheaves;' the word is only found in this place. 2:20 redemption. (c-48) See Lev. 25.25.
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