Ruth 4

1:1 ruled, (a-12) Shaphat, lit. 'judged.' country (b-32) Lit. 'fields,' 'farmlands,' as ver. 6, and elsewhere. As 2 Kings 8.3,5.4:4 thought (b-3) Lit. 'said.' thee (c-7) Lit. 'uncover thine ear.' so in 1Sam. 9.15; 20.2,12,13. inhabitants, (d-19) Or 'before those that sit here.' 4:5 field (e-10) As 'country,' ch. 1.1. 4:14 redemption, (a-24) Or 'without a redeemer;' it refers to the son born, i.e. Obed. 4:17 Obed. (b-23) Meaning, 'worshipper' or 'servant.' 4:18 generations (c-5) As Gen. 2.4 4:20 Salmon, (d-8) Or Salma.
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