Song of Solomon 2

1:1 Solomon's. (a-7) The separate paragraphs indicate, as far as possible, the succession of the various speakers.2:1 narcissus (a-4) Feminine, as Isa. 35.1. Sharon, (b-6) See 1Chron. 27.29. 2:7 charge (c-2) Or 'adjure,' and so chs. 3.5; 5.8,9; 8.4. please. (d-28) Lit. 'nor awaken love till it please.' so chs. 3.5 and 8.4. 2:9 Glancing (e-23) Or 'showing himself.' 2:17 Turn, (f-10) Or 'Return.' Bether. (g-26) Meaning, cloven, or full of ravines.
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