Zechariah 11

1:1 (d-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Zechariah'), Said to mean, 'Whom Jah remembers.' Darius, (e-10) As Hag. 1.1.11:2 noble (d-10) See Jer. 25.34-36; 30.21, Note. strong (e-21) Or 'inaccessible.' 11:5 guilty; (f-8) Or 'and do not suffer [punishment] for it.' 11:6 men, (g-19) Adam, mankind. 11:7 poor (h-10) Or 'afflicted.' 11:8 vexed (i-13) Or 'grieved.' see Judg. 10.16; Mark 3.5. 11:10 peoples. (a-24) Ammim. see Deut. 33.3; Ps. 66.8; 67.3,5. 11:11 knew (b-20) Or 'and the poor of the flock ... knew assuredly.' 11:16 away, (c-29) Or 'is dispersed.' 11:17 worthless (d-4) Or 'idolatrous.'
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