Zechariah 6

1:1 (d-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Zechariah'), Said to mean, 'Whom Jah remembers.' Darius, (e-10) As Hag. 1.1.6:3 strong (a-14) Or 'vigorous;' others 'red;' so ver 7. 6:5 standing (b-21) Or 'presenting themselves,' as Job. 1.6. 6:8 spirit (c-23) Or 'have satisfied mine anger.' 6:11 crowns, (d-8) A tiara, composed of many crowns, as Isa. 62.3; Ezek. 16.12. 6:12 Branch; (e-19) Strictly, 'Sprout,' as ch. 3.8; from the same root as 'grow up,' in this verse.
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