Zechariah 8

1:1 (d-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Zechariah'), Said to mean, 'Whom Jah remembers.' Darius, (e-10) As Hag. 1.1.8:6 wonderful (d-9) wonderful (d-26) Or 'hard,' as Jer. 32.17,27. 8:7 country; (e-20) Lit., as often, 'from the land of the sun-rising and from the land of the sun-setting.' 8:8 God, (a-26) See Note, Ezek. 11.20., 8:10 distress. (b-33) Or 'oppressor,' Tzar, as Ps. 8.2, 'adversary.' 8:16 execute (c-16) 'Judge,' as ch. 7.9. 8:21 speedily (d-15) Or 'diligently.'
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