Zechariah 9

1:1 (d-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Zechariah'), Said to mean, 'Whom Jah remembers.' Darius, (e-10) As Hag. 1.1.9:1 rest; (e-18) Or 'and Damascus shall be its resting-place.' Israel;) (f-32) Or 'when the eyes of men and of all the tribes of Israel are upon Jehovah.' 9:6 bastard (a-3) Or 'a foreign race.' 9:7 leader (b-35) Or 'governor;' and so ch. 12.5,6. 9:9 salvation; (c-21) The Hebrew verb has a reflexive force here -- 'having' or 'bringing salvation by himself.' see Heb. 1.3. 9:10 river (d-42) The Euphrates. earth. (e-48) Or 'land;' but cf. Ps. 2.8. 9:12 double (f-17) Isa. 61.7. 9:13 Greece, (g-28) Javan, Gen. 10.2. 9:15 bowl, (h-35) As ch. 14.20. and see 1Kings 7.40. it was for receiving the blood of sprinkling. 9:16 up (i-28) Or 'sparkling,' 'glittering' -- 'crown' is nazar, as Ex. 29.6. see Note, Num. 6.2.
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