2 Corinthians 9

1Concerning indeed for the service of that for the saints superfluous for me it is the to write to you. 2I know for the readiness of mind of you, which on behalf of you I am boasting to Macedonians, because Achaia has been prepared from last year; and the from of you zeal stirred up the many. 3I sent but the brethren, so that not the boasting of us that on behalf of you should be vain in the respect this; so that, as I said, having been prepared may be; 4lest perhaps if should come with me Macedonians, and find you unprepared, should be ashamed we (that not we may say you) in the confident expectation this. 5Necessary therefore I thought to exhort the brethren, that they would go before to you, and would make ready before the pre-announced blessing of you, this ready to be thus as a blessing, and not as an exaction. 6This but, the one sowing sparingly, sparingly also shall reap; and the one sowing in blessings, in blessings also shall reap. 7Each one as he purposes in the heart; not from grief, or from necessity; a cheerful for giver loves the God. 8Powerful but the God every favor to make abound to you, that in every thing always all-sufficiency having, you may abound in every work good; 9even as it has been written: He has dispersed, he gave to the poor ones; the righteousness of him abides for the age. 10The and one supplying seed to the one sowing and bread for food, will supply and will multiply the sowing of you, and will increase the products of the righteousness of you; 11in every thing being enriched for all liberality, which works out through us thanksgivings to the God; 12because the dispensing of the public service this not only is abundantly supplying the wants of the saints, but also is abounding through many thanksgivings to the God; 13on account of the proof of the service this they are glorifying the God at the subjection of the profession of you to the glad tidings of the Anointed one, and liberality of the contribution for them and for all, 14and of them by prayer on behalf of you, ardently loving you, because of the surpassing favor of the God on you. 15Thanks but to the God for the inexpressible of him free gift.
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