Colossians 1

who will transform the body of the humiliation of us of like form with the body of the glory of him, according to the operation of the to be able him even to place under himself the things all.1Paul, an apostle of Jesus Anointed through will of God, and Timothy the brother, 2to those in Colosse to holy ones and to faithful ones brethren in Anointed; favor to you and peace from God a Father of us. 3We give thanks to the God and Father of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed always concerning you praying, 4having heard the faith of you in Anointed Jesus, and the love that for all the holy ones, 5through the hope that being laid up for you in the heavens, which you before heard in the word of the truth of the glad tidings, 6of that being present among you, as also in all the world, and is bringing forth fruit and growing, as also in you, from which day you heard and acknowledged the favor of the God in truth; 7as even you learned from Epaphras the beloved fellow-servant of us, who is faithful on behalf of you a servant of the Anointed; 8who also having related to us the of you love in spirit. 9Because of this also we, from which day we heard, not we cease on behalf of you praying, and asking, that you may be filled the exact knowledge of the will of him in all wisdom and understanding spiritual; 10to walk worthily of the Lord to all pleasing, in every work good bringing forth fruit and growing in the exact knowledge of the God; 11with all strength being strengthened according to the power of the glory of him, for all patience and endurance with joy; 12giving thanks to the Father to that having fitted us for the portion of the inheritance of the holy ones in the light; 13who delivered us from the authority of the darkness, and caused a change of sides for the kingdom of the son of the love of himself; 14in whom we have the redemption the forgiveness of the sins; 15who is a likeness of the God of that unseen, first-born of every creation; 16because in him were created the things all, the things in the heavens and the things on the earth, the things seen and the things unseen, whether thrones, or lordships, or governments, or authorities; the things all on account of him and for him have been created; 17and he is in advance of all, and the things all in him has been placed together; 18and he is the head of the body, of the congregation; who is a beginning, first-born out of the dead ones, so that he might become among all himself pre-eminent; 19because in him it was thought good all the fulness to inhabit, 20and by means of him to reconcile the things all to him, having made peace by means of the blood of the cross of him, by means of him, whether the things on the earth, or the things in the heavens. 21Even you, once being aliens and enemies in the mind by the works those wicked, now indeed he reconciled, 22in the body of the flesh of himself by means of the death, to present you holy ones and blameless ones and irreproachable ones in presence of him; 23if indeed you continue in the faith having been grounded and settled ones, and not being moved away from the hope of the glad tidings of which you heard, of that having been published in all the creation that under the heaven; of which became I Paul a servant. 24Now I rejoice in the sufferings on behalf of you, and I fill up the wants of the afflictions of the Anointed one in the flesh of me on behalf of the body of him, which is the congregation; 25of which became I a servant according to the stewardship of the God that having been given to me for you, to fully set forth the word of the God, 26the secret that having been hid from the ages and from the generations, now but was manifested to the holy ones of him; 27to whom wished the God to make known, what the wealth of the glory of the secret of this among the nations, who is Anointed in you, the hope of the glory; 28whom we announce, admonishing every man, and teaching, every man with all wisdom, so that we may present man perfect in Anointed; 29for which also I labor, ardently contending according to the strong-working of him that working strongly in me in power.
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