James 1

Even for the God of us a fire consuming.1James of God and of Lord Jesus Anointed a bond-servant, to the twelve tribes to those in the dispersion, health. 2All joy do you esteem, brethren of me, when temptations you may fall into various; 3knowing, that the proof of you of the faith works out patience. 4The but patience work perfect let have, so that you may be perfect ones and complete ones, in nothing being destitute. 5If but any one of you is destitute of wisdom, let him ask from of the one giving of God to all liberality, and not censuring; and it will be given to him. 6Let him ask but in faith, not hesitating; the for one hesitating is like to a wave of sea being wind-agitated and being tossed. 7Not for let think the man that, that he shall receive anything from the Lord. 8A man of double-soul, unstable in all the ways of himself. 9Let boast but the brother the humble in the humiliation of himself; 10the but rich, in the humiliation of himself; because as a flower of grass he will pass away. 11Rose for the sun with the according heat, and withered the grass, and the flower of it fell off, and the beauty of the face of it perished; thus also the rich man in the ways of himself will fade away. 12Blessed man, who bears up under temptation; because approved having become he will receive the crown of the life, which promised the Lord to those loving him. 13No one being tempted let say: That from a God I am tempted; the for God not tempted is of evils, tempts and he no one. 14Each one but is tempted, by the own inordinate desire being drawn out and being entrapped; 15then the inordinate desire having conceived brings forth sin; the but sin having been perfected brings forth death. 16Not be you let astray, brethren of me beloved ones. 17Every gift good, and every gift perfect, from above is coming down from of the Father of the lights, with whom not one change, or of turning a shade; 18having willed he begot us by a word of truth, in order that to be us, first-fruit a kind of the of himself creatures. 19Therefore, brethren of me beloved ones, let be every man quick in order that to have heard, slow in order that to have spoken, slow in order to wrath. 20Wrath for of man righteousness of God not works out. 21Therefore putting away all filthiness and superabundance of badness, in meekness receive you the implanted word, that being able to save the lives of you. 22Become you but doers of word, and not only hearers, deceiving yourselves. 23Because if any one a hearer of word is and not a doer, this is like a man viewing the face of the birth of himself in a mirror; 24he viewed for himself, and went away, and immediately forgot what sort he was. 25He but having looked intently into a law perfect that of the freedom and having continued, this not a hearer of forgetfulness having become, but a doer of work, this blessed in the doer of himself shall be. 26If any one thinks religious to be, not bridling tongue of himself, but deceiving heart of himself, of this vain the religion. 27Religion pure and undefiled with the God and Father, this is, to oversee orphans and widows in the affliction of them, unspotted himself to keep from the world.
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