John 18

1These things saying the Jesus went out with the disciples of himself beyond the brook of the Kedron, where was a garden, into which entered himself and the disciples of him. 2Knew and also Judas, he delivering up him, the place; because often met the Jesus there with the disciples of himself. 3The then Judas having taken then band, and from the high-priests and Pharisees officers, comes there with torches and lamps and weapons. 4Jesus therefore knowing all the things coming on him, going out said to them: Whom seek you? 5They answered him: Jesus the Nazarene. Says to them the Jesus: I am. (Was standing and also Judas, the delivering up him, with them.) 6When therefore he said to them: That I am; they went into the behind, and fell on the ground. 7Again then them he asked: Whom seek you? They and said: Jesus the Nazarene. 8Answered Jesus: I said to you, that I am; if therefore me you seek, suffer these to go. 9So that might be fulfilled the word, which he said: That whom thou hast given to me, not I lost of them no one. 10Simon then Peter having a sword, drew her, and struck the of the high-priest slave, and cut off of him the ear the right. Was now a name to the slave Malchus. 11Said therefore the Jesus to the Peter: Put up the sword into the sheath; the cup which has given to me the Father, not not should I drink it? 12The then band and the commander and the officers of the Jews apprehend the Jesus, and bound him, 13and led him to Annas first; he was for father-in-law of the Caiaphas, who was high-priest of the year that. 14Was now Caiaphas he having advised the Jews, that it is better one man to be destroyed in behalf of the people. 15Followed and the Jesus Simon Peter, and the other disciples. The and disciples that was known to the high-priest, and went in with the Jesus into the palace of the high-priest. 16The but Peter stood at the door without. Went out therefore the disciples the other, who was known to the high-priest, and spoke to the door-keeper, and brought in the Peter. 17Says then the female-servant the door-keeper to the Peter: Not also thou of the disciples art the man this? Says he: Not I am. 18Stood and the slaves and the officers a coal fire having made, because cold it was, and warmed themselves; was and with them the Peter standing and warming himself. 19The therefore high-priest asked the Jesus concerning the disciples of him, and concerning the teaching of him. 20Answered him the Jesus: I publicly spoke to the world; I always taught in a synagogue and in the temple, where all the Jews come together, and in secret I said nothing. 21Why me dost thou ask? ask those having heard, what I said to them; lo, they know what things said I. 22These things and of him having said, one of the officers having stood by gave a blow to the Jesus, saying: Thus dost thou answer the high-priest? 23Answered him the Jesus: If evil I spoke, testify concerning the evil; if but well, why me dost thou beat? 24Sent him the Annas having been bound to Caiaphas the high-priest. 25Was and Simon Peter standing and warming himself. They said therefore to him: Not also thou of the disciples of him thou art? Denied he, and said: Not I am. 26Says one of the slaves of the high-priest, a relative being of whom cut off Peter the ear: Not I thee saw in the garden with him? 27Again therefore denied the Peter; and immediately cock crew. 28They led then the Jesus from of the Caiaphas into the Jerusalem hall; it was and morning. And they not went into the judgment hall, that not they might be defiled, but that they might eat the passover. 29Went out therefore the Pilate to them, and said: What accusation bring you against the man this? 30They answered and said to him: If not was this an evil-doer, not would to thee we delivered up him. 31Said then to them the Pilate: Take him you, and according to the law of you judge him. Said therefore to him the Jews: To us not it is lawful to kill no one. 32So that the word of the Jesus might be fulfilled, which he said, pointing out by what death he was about to die. 33Went then into the judgment hall again the Pilate, and called the Jesus, and said to him: Thou art the king of the Jews? 34Answered him the Jesus: From thyself thou this sayest, or others to thee told concerning me? 35Answered the Pilate: Not I a Jew am? the nation the thine and high-priests delivered up thee to me; what didst thou do? 36Answered Jesus: The kingdom the mine not is of the world this; if of the world this was the kingdom the mine, the officers would those for me contend, that not I might be delivered up to the Jews, now but the kingdom the mine not is from this place. 37Said then to him the Pilate: Not then a king art thou? Answered the Jesus: Thou sayest; that a king am I. I for this have been born, and for this I have come into the world, that I may testify to the truth. Every one who being of the truth, hears of me the voice. 38Says to him the Pilate: What is truth? And this saying, again he went out to the Jews, and says to them: I not one fault find in him. 39It is but a custom for you, that one to you I release in the passover; are you willing therefore, to you I release the king of the Jews? 40They cried out then again all saying: Not this, but the Barabbas. Was now the Barabbas a robber.
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