Matthew 3

1In now the days those comes John the dipper, proclaiming in the desert of the Judea, and saying: 2Reform ye; has come nigh for the majesty of the heavens. 3This for is he spoken of by Esaias the prophet, saying: A voice crying out in the desert; make you ready the way of a Lord, straight make ye the beaten tracks of him. 4He and the John had the outer garment of him from hairs of a camel, and a belt made of skin around the loins of him; the and food of him was locusts and honey wild. 5Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all the Judea, and all the country about of the Jordan; 6and were dipped into the Jordan by him, confessing the sins of them. 7Seeing and many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to the dipping of him, he said to them: O broods of venomous serpents, who pointed out to you to flee from the coming wrath? 8Bring forth then fruit worthy of the reformation, 9and not think to say in yourselves: A father we have the Abraham; I say for to you, that is able the God out of the stones these to raise up children to the Abraham. 10Now and even the axe to the root of the trees lies; every therefore tree not bearing fruit good, is cut down, and into a fire cast. 11I indeed dip you in water, into reformation; he but after of me coming, mightier of me is, of whom not I am worthy the sandals to carry; he you will dip in spirit holy and fire. 12Of whom the winnowing shovel in the hand of him, and he will thoroughly cleanse the threshing floor of him; and he will gather the wheat of him into the storehouse, the but chaff he will burn up in fire inextinguishable. 13Then comes the Jesus from the Galilee to the Jordan to the John, of the to be dipped by him. 14The but John refused him saying: I need to have by thee to be dipped, and thou comest to me? 15Answering and the Jesus said to him: Permit now; thus for coming it is to us, to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him. 16And having dipped the Jesus went up immediately from the water; and lo, were opened to him the heavens, and was seen the spirit of the God descending like a dove, and coming on him. 17And lo, a voice out of the heavens, saying: This is the son of me the beloved, in whom I delight.
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