Matthew 8

1Coming down and to him from the mountain, followed after him crowds great. 2And lo, a leper coming prostrated to him, saying: O sir, if thou wilt, thou art able me to cleanse. 3And putting forth the hand, he touched him the Jesus, saying: I will, be thou cleaned. And immediately was cleaned of him the leprosy. 4And says to him the Jesus: See no one thou tell; but go, thyself show to the priest, and offer the gift, which commanded Moses, for a witness to them. 5Having entered and to him into Capernaum, came to him a centurion, addressing him, 6and saying: O sir, the boy of me is laid in the house a paralytic, greatly being afflicted. 7And says to him the Jesus: I coming will heal him. 8And answering the centurion said: O sir, not I am fit that of me under the the roof thou shouldst enter; but only speak a word, and will be healed the boy of me. 9Even for I am a man am under authority, having under myself soldiers; and I say to this: Go, and he goes; and to another; Come, and he comes; and to the slave of me; Do this, and he does. 10Hearing and the Jesus, was astonished, and said to those following: Indeed I say to you, not even in the Israel so great faith I have found. 11I say but to you, that many from east and west will come, and will lie down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens. 12The but sons of the kingdom shall be cast out into the darkness the outer; there will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 13And said the Jesus to the centurion: Go and as thou hast believed let it be done to thee. And was healed the boy of him in the hour that. 14And coming the Jesus into the house of Peter, saw the mother-in-law of him being laid down and burning with fever. 15And he touched the hand of her, and left her the fever; and arose, and ministered to them. 16Evening now being come, they brought to him being possessed many; and he cast out the spirits by a word, and all those sickness having he healed; 17that might be fulfilled the words spoken through Esaias the prophet, saying: Himself the weakness of us he took away, and the diseases he removed. 18Seeing and the Jesus great multitudes about him, he gave orders to depart to the other side. 19And coming one scribe, said to him: O teacher, I will follow thee, where ever thou goest. 20And says to him the Jesus: The foxes dens they have, and the birds of the heaven nests; the but son of the man not he has, where the head he may rest. 21Another and of the disciples of him said to him: O master, permit thou me first to go, and to bury the father of me. 22The but Jesus said to him: Follow me, and leave the dead ones to bury the of themselves dead ones. 23And entering to him into the ship, followed to him the disciples of him. 24And lo, a commotion great arose in the sea, so as the ship to cover by the waves; he but was asleep. 25And coming the disciples awoke him, saying: O master, do thou save us we perish. 26And he says to them: How timid you are, O you of weak faith? Then arising he rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a calm great. 27The and men were astonished, saying: What is this, that even the winds and the sea hearken to him? 28And coming to him to the other side, into the country of the Gergesenes, met him two being demonized, out of the sepulchres coming forth, fierce very, so that not to be able any one to pass along by the way that. 29And lo, they cried out saying: What to us and to thee, O son of the God? Comest thou there before a destined time to torment us? 30There was now at some distance from them a herd of swine many feeding. 31The and demons implored him, saying: If thou cast out us, send us to the herd of the swine. 32And he said to them: Go. They and coming out they went to the swine. And lo, rushed whole the herd down the steep place into the lake, and died in the waters. 33They and feeding them fled, and arriving at the city, related all, and that of those being demonized. 34And lo, whole the city went out to a meeting to the Jesus; and seeing him, they entreated, that he would depart from the coast of them.
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