Matthew 9

1And stepping into the boat, he passed over, and came to the own city. 2And lo, they brought to him, a paralytic, upon a bed lying. And seeing the Jesus the faith of them, he said to the paralytic: Take courage, son; are forgiven thee the sins of thee. 3And lo, some of the scribes said among themselves: This blasphemes. 4And knowing the Jesus the thoughts of them, says: Why you think evils in the hearts of you? 5Which for is easier? to say: Are forgiven of thee the sins? or to say: Arise and walk? 6That but you may know that authority has the son of the man on the earth to forgive sins; (then he says to the paralytic:) Arising take up of thee the bed, and go into the house of thee. 7And arising he went to the house of him. 8Seeing and the crowds wondered, and glorified the God, that having given authority so great to the men. 9And passing on the Jesus from thence, he saw a man sitting at the custom-house, Matthew being named; and he says to him: Follow me. And rising up he followed him. 10And it happened, of him reclining at table in the house, and lo, many publicans and sinners coming reclined with the Jesus and the disciples of him. 11And seeing the Pharisees said to the disciples of him: Why with the publicans and sinners eats the teacher of you? 12The Jesus hearing, says to them: No need have those being well of a physician, but those sick being. 13You are going but learn, what is; Mercy I wish, and not a sacrifice. Not for I am come to call just persons, but sinners. 14Then came to him the disciples of John, saying: Why we and the Pharisees fast much, the but disciples of thee not fast? 15And says to them the Jesus: Not are able the sons of the bridal chamber to mourn, in as much with them is the bridegroom? Shall come but days, when may be taken from them the bridegroom, and then they shall fast. 16No one now puts a patch of cloth unfulled on to a mantle old; takes away for the patch of it from the mantle, and worse a rent becomes. 17Nor do they put wine new into bottles old; if but not, burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles are destroyed; but they put wine new into bottles new, and both are preserved together. 18These of him speaking, of them, lo, a ruler certain coming prostrated to him, saying: That the daughter of me now is dead; but coming lay the hand of thee upon her, and she shall live. 19And arising the Jesus went after him, and the disciples of him. 20And lo, a woman having a flow of blood twelve years, approaching behind, touched the tuft of the mantle of him. 21She said for within herself: If only I can touch the mantle of him, I shall be healed. 22The but Jesus turning and seeing her, said: Take courage, daughter; the faith of thee has saved thee. And she was well the woman from the hour of that. 23And coming the Jesus into the house of a ruler, and seeing the flute-players, and the crowd making noise, 24says to them: Withdraw; not for is dead the girl, but sleeps. And they derided him. 25When but they put out the crowd, he entering took hold of the hand of her; and was raised the girl. 26And went forth the report this into all the land that. 27And passing on from there the Jesus, went after him two blind men, crying out and saying: Have pity on us, O son of David. 28Being come and into the house, came to him the blind men, and says to them the Jesus: Do you believe, that I am able this I do? They say to him: Yes O master. 29Then he touched the eyes of them, saying: According to the faith of you be it done to you. 30And were opened of them the eyes. And strictly charged them the Jesus, saying: See, no one knows. 31They but having gone published him in all the land that. 32These and going away, lo, they brought to him a man dumb, being demonized. 33And having cast out the demon, spoke the dumb. And were astonished the crowds, saying: Never was it seen thus in to the Israel. 34The but Pharisees said: By the prince of the demons he cast out the demons. 35And went about the Jesus the cities all and the villages, teaching in the synagogues of them, and publishing the glad tidings of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every malady. 36Seeing and the crowds, he moved with pity for them, because they were jaded and scattered, like sheep not having a shepherd. 37Then he says to the disciples of him: The indeed harvest plenteous, the but laborers few. 38Implore then the Lord of the harvest, that he would send out laborers into the harvest of him.
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