Revelation of John 22

1And he showed to me a river of water of life bright as a crystal, proceeding out of the throne of the God and of the lamb. 2In midst of the broad place of her and of the river on this side and on that side a wood of life, bearing fruits twelve, according to month each one yielding the fruit of itself; and the leaves of the wood for healing of the nations. 3And every curse not shall be longer; and the throne of the God of the lamb in her shall be; and the bond-servants of him shall publicly serve him; 4and they shall see the face of him, and the name of him on the foreheads of them. 5And night not shall be longer; and no need of lamp and of light of sun, because Lord the God will shine on them; and they shall reign for the ages of the ages. 6And he said to me: These the words faithful ones and true ones; and Lord the God of the spirits of the prophets sent the messenger of himself to show to the bond-servants of himself, the things it behooves to have done with speed. 7And lo, I come speedily; blessed the one keeping the words of the prophecy of the scroll this. 8And I John the one hearing and seeing these things; and when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of the messenger the one showing to me these things. 9And he says to me: See not; a fellow-bondservant of thee I am, and of the brethren of thee of the prophets, and of those keeping the words of the scroll this; to the God give thou reverence. 10And he says to me: Not thou mayest seal the words of the prophecy of the scroll this; the season near is. 11The one acting unjustly let him be unjust still, and the filthy one let him be filthy still; and the righteous one righteousness let him do still, and the holy one let him be holy still. 12Lo, I come speedily, and the reward of me with me, to give back to each one as the work of him shall be. 13I the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. 14Blessed those doing the commandments of him, so that shall be the authority of them over the wood of the life, and by the gates they may enter into the city. 15Outside the dogs and the sorcerers and the fornicators and murderers and the idolaters, and every one the one loving and doing falsehood. 16I Jesus sent the messenger of me to testify to you these things to the congregations; I am the root and the offspring of David, the star the bright the morning. 17And the spirit and the bride say: Come thou; and the one hearing let him say: Come thou; and the one thirsting let him come, the one willing let him take water of life gratis. 18Testify I to all to the one hearing the words of the prophecy of the scroll this. If any one may add to them, will add the God to him the plagues those having been written in the scroll this; 19and if any one may take away from the words of the scroll of the prophecy this, will take the God the portion of him from the wood of the life, and out of the city the holy, of those having been written in the scroll this. 20He says the one testifying these things: Yes I come speedily. So be it, come thou, O Lord Jesus. 21The favor of the Lord Jesus Anointed, with all of the holy ones.
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