Romans 2

1Wherefore inexcusable thou art, O man every one who art judging. In which for thou judgest the other, thyself thou condemnest; the things for same thou doest who art judging. 2We know but, that the sentence of the God is according to truth upon those the things such doing. 3Thinkest thou and this, O man who art judging those the things such doing, and art doing them, that thou shalt escape the sentence of the God? 4Or of the wealth of the goodness of him and of the forbearance and of the patience thinkest thou wrong, being ignorant, that the goodness of the God to reformation thee leads? 5According to but the hardness of thee and unchanged heart, thou treasurest to thyself wrath in a day of wrath and of a revelation of righteous judgment of the God, 6who will render to each according to the works of him; 7to those indeed by perseverance of a work good, glory and honor and incorruptibility are seeking, life age-lasting; 8to those but from a party spirit, and disobeying indeed the truth, obeying but the unrighteousness, wrath and indignation. 9Affliction and distress on every soul of man of the working the evil, of Jew both first and of Greek; 10glory but and honor and peace to every one the working the good, to Jew both first and to Greek. 11Not for is respect of persons with the God. 12As many as for without law sinned, without law also shall perish; and as many as under law sinned, by law shall be judged, 13(not for the hearers of the law just ones with the God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. 14When for Gentiles those not a law having, by nature the things of the law may do, these a law not having, to themselves are a law; 15who show plainly the work of the law written in the hearts of them, testifying with them the conscience, and between each other of the reasonings accusing or even defending,) 16in a day when shall judge the God the things secrets of the men, according to the glad tidings of me, through Jesus Anointed. 17If but thou a Jew art named, and doest rest in the law, and doest boast in God, 18and knowest the will, and discernest the things differing, being instructed out of the law; 19hast believed and thyself a guide to be of blind ones, a light of those in darkness, 20an instructor of simple ones, a teacher of babes, having the form of the knowledge and of the truth in the law; 21who then art teaching another, thyself not doest thou teach; who art preaching not to steal, doest thou steal? 22who art saying not to commit adultery, doest thou commit adultery? who art detesting the idols, doest thou rob temples? 23who in a law boastest, through the violation of the law the God doest thou dishonor? 24The for name of the God through you is blasphemed among the nations, even as it has been written. 25Circumcision indeed for profits, if law thou practisest; if but a violator of law thou mayest be, the circumcision of thee uncircumcision has become. 26If therefore the uncircumcision the ordinances of the law may keep, not the uncircumcision of him for circumcision will be counted? 27and will judge the from nature uncircumcision, the law perfecting, thee who through letter and circumcision a violator of law? 28Not for he in the outward appearance, a Jew is, nor that in the outward appearance, in flesh, circumcision; 29but he in the hidden a Jew, even circumcision of heart, in spirit, not letter; of whom the praise not from men, but from the God.
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