1 Corinthians 8

1Concerning and the things offered to idols, we know; (because all knowledge we have; the knowledge puffs up, the but love builds up; 2if but any one thinks to have known something, not yet nothing he has known as it behooves to have known; 3if but any one should love the God, this has been acknowledged by him;) 4concerning the eating therefore of the things offered to idols, we know, that nothing an idol in world, and that no one God other, if not one. 5Indeed for though they are being called gods, whether in heaven, or on earth, (as they are gods many, and idols many;) 6but to us one God the Father, out of whom the all things, and we for him; and one Lord, Jesus Anointed, through whom the all things, and we through him. 7But not in all the knowledge; some but in conscience of the idols till now as offered to an idol they eat, and the conscience of them, weak being, is defiled. 8Food but us not brings near to the God; neither for if we should eat, do we abound; nor if not we would eat, are we deficient. 9Look you but, least in any way the liberty of you this a stumbling-block may become to those being weak. 10If for any one may see thee, the one having knowledge, in an idol-temple reclining, not the conscience of him, weak being, will be build up in order that the things offered to idols to eat? 11and will be destroyed the being weak brother by the thy knowledge on account of whom Anointed died. 12Thus but sinning against the brethren and smiting of them the conscience being weak, against Anointed you sin. 13Wherefore if food ensnares the brother of me, not I may eat flesh to the age, so that not the brother of me I may ensnare.
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