1 Peter 2

1Having put away therefore all malice and all guile and hypocrisies and envies and all evil-speakings, 2as new-born babes, the rational sincere milk earnestly desire you, so that by it you may grow to salvation; 3if indeed you tasted, that gracious the Lord. 4To whom drawing near, a stone living, by men indeed being rejected, with but God chosen, honorable, 5and yourselves as stones living be you built up, a house spiritual, a priesthood holy, to offer spiritual sacrifices, well-pleasing to the God through Jesus Anointed. 6Because it is contained in the writing: Lo, I place in Zion a stone corner-foundation, chosen, honorable; and the believing on it, not not may be ashamed. 7To you therefore the honor to those believing to disbelieving but, a stone which rejected those building, this became for a head of a corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence; 8those stumbling, to the word being disobedient, for which even they were appointed. 9You but, a race chosen, a royal priesthood, a nation holy, a people for a purpose, so that the virtues you may declare of the out of darkness you one having called into the wonderful of himself light; 10those once not a people, now but a people of God; those not having obtained mercy, now but having obtained mercy. 11Beloved ones, I entreat as strangers and sojourners, to abstain from the fleshly lusts, which war against the life; 12the conduct of you among the Gentiles having upright; so that in what they speak against you as evil-doers, from the good works having looked on, they may glorify the God in a day of inspection. 13Be you subject therefore to every human creation on account of the Lord; whether to a king, as being pre-eminent; 14or to governors, as by means of him being sent for punishment of evil-doers, praise but of good-doers; 1 Peter 2:15 (because thus it is the will of the God, well-doing to muzzle the of the unwise of men ignorance;) 16as freemen, and not as a covering having of the badness the freedom, but as slaves of God. 17All do you honor; the brotherhood do you love; the God do you fear; the king do you honor. 18The household servants, being submissive with all fear to the masters, not only to the good ones and gentle ones, but also to the perverse ones. 19This for pleasing, if through a conscience of God bears up under any one griefs, suffering unjustly. 20What for credit, if sinning and being beaten you shall endure? but if doing good and suffering you shall endure, this pleasing with God. 21To this for you were called; because even Anointed suffered on behalf of you, to you leaving behind an example, so that you may follow in the steps of him; 22who sin not did, nor was found guile in the mouth of him; 23who being reviled not reviled again, suffering not he threatened, delivered himself up but to the one judging righteously; 24who the sins of us himself carried up in the body of himself to the tree, that to the sins having died, to the righteousness we may live; of whom by the scars of him you were healed. 25You were for as sheep going astray; but have turned back now to the shepherd and guardian of the lives of you.
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