1 Peter 4

1Anointed then having suffered on behalf of us in flesh, and you the same thought arm yourselves, (because the one having suffered in flesh, has ceased from sin,) 2in order that no longer of men to desire, but to will of God the remaining in flesh to live time. 3Sufficient for for us the having passed by time of the life the will of the Gentiles, to have-wrought, having walked in licentiousness, in inordinate desires, in excesses of wine, in revellings, in drinkings, and in unlawful idolatries; 4in which they are surprised, not running with of you to the same the of profligacy excess, speaking evil; 5they shall give an account to him in readiness having to judge living ones and dead ones. 6In order to this for also to dead ones was glad tidings announced, so that they might be judged indeed according to men in flesh they might live but according to God in spirit. 7All things but the end has approached; be you of same mind therefore, and be you vigilant in the prayers. 8Above all things but the among yourselves love fervent having; because the love will cover a multitude of sins; 9hospitable towards each other, without murmurings; 10each one as received a free-gift, for others it serving, as good stewards of manifold favor of God. 11If any one speaks, as oracles of God; if any one serves, as from strength which supplies the God; so that in all things may be glorified the God through Jesus Anointed, to whom is the glory and the might for the ages of the ages; so be it. 12Beloved ones, not be you surprised with the among you burning for a trial to you becoming, as of a strange thing to you befalling; 13but according to you partake in the of the Anointed sufferings, rejoice you, so that also in the revelation of the glory of him you may rejoice exulting. 14If you are reproached in name of Anointed, happy ones; because the of the glory and the of the God spirit on you rests; according to indeed them he is evil spoken of, according to but you he is glorified. 15Not for any one of you let suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evil-doer, or as a meddling person; 16if but as a Christian, not let him be ashamed let him glorify but the God in the respect to this. 17Because the season for the to begin the judgment from the house of the God; if but first from of us, what the end of those being disobedient to the of the God glad tidings? 18and if the just one scarcely is safe, the impious one and sinner where will appear? 19therefore also those suffering according to the will of the God, as to a faithful creator let commit the lives of themselves in doing good.
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