Acts 19

1It happened and in the the Apollos to be in Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper parts, to come to Ephesus. And having found some disciples, 2he said to them: If a spirit holy you received having believed? They and said to him: But not even if a spirit holy is, we have heard. 3He said and to them: Into what then were you dipped? They and said: Into the of John dipping. 4Said and Paul: John dipped a dipping of reformation, to the people saying, into him coming after him that they should believe; that is, into the Jesus. 5Having heard and they were dipped into the name of the Lord Jesus. 6And having placed to them the Paul the hands, come the spirit the holy upon them, they spoke and with tongues and prophesied. 7Were and the all men about twelve. 8Having entered and into the synagogue, he spoke freely, for months three reasoning and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of the God. 9When and some were hardened and disbelieved, speaking evil of the way in presence of the multitude, having departed from them, he separated the disciples, every day reasoning in the school of Tyrannus one. 10This and was done for years two, so that all the dwellers the Asia to hear the word of the Lord, Jews both and Greeks. 11Miracles and not the common ones did the through the hands of Paul; 12so that even to those being sick to be brought from the skin of him napkins or aprons, and to be set free from them the diseases, the and spirits the evil to be cast out. 13Took in hand and some from those going about Jews exorcists to name on those having the spirits the evil the name of the Lord Jesus, saying: I adjure you the Jesus, whom the Paul preaches. 14Where and some sons of Sceva a Jew a high-priest seven, who this were doing. 15Answering and the spirit the evil said: The Jesus I know, and the Paul I am acquainted with; you but who are? 16and leaping on them the man, in whom was the spirit the evil, and having overcome them, prevailed against them, so that naked and having been wounded to have fled out of the house that. 17This and became known to all Jews both and Greeks those dwelling the Ephesus; and fell a fear on all them, and was magnified the name of the Lord Jesus. 18Many and of those having believed came confessing and declaring the deeds of them. 19Many and of those the magical arts practising, having brought together the books, burned in presence of all; and they computed the prices of them, and found pieces of silver myriads five. 20Thus according to power the word of the Lord grew and prevailed. 21When and was fulfilled these things, was dipped the Paul in the spirit, having passed through the Macedonia and Achaia, to go into Jerusalem, saying: That after the to be come me there, it behooves me also Rome to see. 22Having sent and into the Macedonia two of those ministering to him, Timothy and Erastus, he remained a time in the Asia. 23It happened and during the season that a tumult not small concerning the way. 24Demetrius for a certain by name, a silver-smith, making temples of silver of Diana, brought to the workmen gain not a little. 25Whom having brought together, and those about the such like workmen, said: Men, you know, that out of this the work the wealth of us is; 26and you see and you hear, that not only of Ephesus, but almost all the Asia the Paul this having persuaded misled large crowd, saying, that not are gods those by hands being made. 27Not only and this in danger to us the craft into contempt to come; but also that the great goddess Diana temple into nothing to be despised, to be about and also to be destroyed the magnificence of her, which whole the Asia and the habitable worships. 28Having heard and, and having become full of wrath, they cried out, saying: Great the Diana of Ephesians. 29And was filled the city whole the confusion; they rushed and with one mind into the theatre, having seized Gaius and Aristarchus Macedonians, fellow-travelers of Paul. 30The and Paul wishing to enter into the assembly of the people, not suffered him the disciples. 31Some and even of the rulers of Asia being to him friends, having sent to him, besought not to venture himself into the theatre. 32Some indeed therefore some thing cried; was for the assembly having been confused, and the greater not knew, for what purpose they were come together. 33Out of and crowd they pushed forward Alexander, thrusting forward him the Jews; the and Alexander having waved the hand, wished to defend himself in the assembly of the people. 34Knowing but that a Jew he is, voice came one from all, about for hours two crying: Great the Diana of Ephesians. 35Having stilled and the scribe the crowd, he said: Men Ephesians, what for is man, who not knows the Ephesians city temple-keeper being of the great Diana and of that fallen from Jupiter? 36Cannot be denied therefore being these things, necessary it is you having been quiet to be and nothing rashly to do. 37You brought for the men these, neither temple-robbers, nor blasphemers of the goddess of you. 38If indeed Demetrius and those with him workmen have against say a word, courts are held, and proconsuls are; let them accuse each other. 39if but anything other things you inquire, in the lawful assembly it shall be settled. 40Even for we are in danger to be accused of tumult concerning the day, not one cause being, about which we are able to give a reason far the gathering this. 41And these having said he dismissed the assembly.
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