Acts 23

1Having looked intently and the Paul to the sanhedrim, said: Men brethren, I in all conscience good have been as a citizen to the God till this the day. 2The and high-priest Ananias gave a charge to those having been standing by him, to strike of him the mouth. 3Then the Paul to him said: To strike thee is about the God, O wall having been white washed; and thou sittest judging me according to the law, and violating the law thou orderest me to be struck? 4Those and having been standing by said: The high-priest of the God revilest thou? 5Said and the Paul: Not I had known, brethren, that it is a high-priest; it is written for: A ruler of the people of thee not thou shalt speak evil. 6Knowing and the Paul, that the one part is of Sadducees, the and other of Pharisees, he cried out in the sanhedrim: Men brethren, I a Pharisee am, a son of a Pharisee; concerning hope and a resurrection of dead ones I being judged. 7This and of him having spoken, was a disciple of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and was divided the multitude. 8Sadducees indeed for say not to be a resurrection, nor a messenger, nor a spirit; Pharisees but confess the both. 9Was and an outcry great; and having arisen the scribes of the party of the Pharisees contended, saying: Nothing evil we find in the man this; if but a spirit spoke to him, or a messenger. 10Great and becoming dispute, fearing the commander lest would be torn to pieces the Paul by them, he ordered the armed force having gone down to take him from midst of them, to lead and into the castle. 11On the and next night having stood by him the Lord said: Take courage; as for thou didst testify the things concerning me in Jerusalem, so thee it behooves also in Rome to testify. 12Becoming and day, having formed a conspiracy the Jews, they bound with a curse themselves, saying neither to eat nor drink till they might kill the Paul; 13were and more forty those this the conspiracy having been engaged; 14who having come to the high-priests and the elders, said: With a curse we have cursed ourselves, of nothing to taste till we have killed the Paul. 15Now therefore you make known to the commander with the sanhedrim, in order that him he may lead down to you, as being about to examine more accurately the things concerning him; we and, before of the to have come nigh him, ready we are of the to kill him. 16Having heard but the son of the sister of Paul the lying in wait, having come near and having gone into the castle, he related to the Paul. 17Having summoned and the Paul one of the centurions, he said: The young man this lead thou to the commander; he has for something to relate to him. 18Indeed then having taken him led to the commander, and said: The prisoner Paul having summoned me, asked this the young man to lead to thee, having something to say to thee. 19Having taken and the hand of him the commander, and having related by himself, he inquired: What is it which thou hast to relate to me? 20he said and: That the Jews agreed together of the to ask thee, that to-morrow into the sanhedrim thou mayest lead down the Paul, as being about something more accurately to investigate concerning him. 21Thou therefore not shouldst be persuaded by the; lie in wait for him of them men more forty, who bound with a curse themselves, neither to eat nor to drink till they killed him; and now ready they are looking for the from thee promise. 22The indeed then commander dismissed the young man, having charged to no one to speak out, that these things thou didst report to me. 23And having summoned two certain of the centurions, he said: Make ready soldiers two hundred, that they may go to to Caesarea, and horsemen seventy, and spearmen two hundred, from third hour of the night; 24animals and to have provided that having mounted the Paul they might convey safely to Felix the governor; 25having written a letter containing the form this: 26Claudius Lysias to the most excellent governor Felix health. 27The man this having been seized by the Jews, and being about to be killed by them, having come suddenly with the armed force I rescued him, having learned that a Roman he is. 28Wishing and to know the cause on account of which they were accusing him, I led down him into the sanhedrim of them; 29whom I found being accused concerning questions of the law of them, nothing but worthy of death or bonds an accusation having. 30Having been disclosed but to me a plot against the man to be about to be by the Jews, instantly I sent to thee, having commanded also the accusers to say the things against him before thee. Farewell. 31The indeed therefore soldiers, according to that having been commanded them, having taken the Paul, they led through the night into the Antipatris. 32On the and morrow having left the horsemen to go with him, they returned to the castle. 33Who having come into the Caesarea, and having delivered the letter to the governor, presented and the Paul to him. 34Having read and, and having asked from what province he is, and having understood that from Cilicia; 35I will fully hear thee, he said, when also the accusers of thee may arrive. He commanded and him in the judgment-hall of the Herod to be kept.
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