Acts 9

1The and Saul still breathing of threatening and slaughter towards the disciples of the Lord, coming to the high-priest, 2he desired from him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if any he might find of the way being, men both and women, having been bound he might lead into Jerusalem. 3In and the to go, came him to draw near to the Damascus; and suddenly flashed around him a light from the heaven; 4and having fallen to the earth, he heard a voice saying to him: Saul, Saul; Why dost thou persecute? 5He said and: Who art thou, O Lord? The and Lord said: I am Jesus; whom thou persecutest; 6but stand thou up and enter into the city, and it shall be told to thee what thee it is necessary to do. 7The and men those traveling with him, stood dumb, hearing indeed the voice, no one but seeing. 8Arose and the Saul from the earth; having been opened and the eyes of him, no one he saw; leading by the hand and him they led into Damascus; 9and he was days three not seeing; and not ate, nor drank. 10Was and a certain disciple in Damascus by name Ananias, and said to him the Lord in a vision: Ananias. He and said: Lo I, O Lord. 11The and Lord to him: Having arisen go thou to the street that being called Straight, and seek for in house of Judas, Saul by name, of Tarsus; lo for he prays, 12and saw in a vision a man by name Ananias, having come in and having placed to him a hand, that he might receive sight. 13Answered and Ananias: O Lord, I have heard from many concerning the man this, what things bad he did to the saints of thee in Jerusalem. 14And here he has authority from the high-priests, to bind all those calling upon the name of thee. 15Said and to him the Lord: Go thou, because a vessel chosen to me is this, of the to bear the name of me before nations, and kings, sons and of Israel. 16I for will point out to him, what things it behooves him in behalf of the name of me to suffer. 17Went away and Ananias and entered into the house; and having placed on him the hands, he said: Saul O brother, the Lord has sent me, (Jesus he having appeared to thee in the way in which thou camest,) that thou mayest receive sight, and mayest be filled of spirit holy. 18And immediately fell from the eyes of him as it were scales, he recovered sight and; and having arisen he was dipped. 19And having taken food he was strengthened. He was and with the in Damascus disciples days several. 20And immediately in the synagogues he proclaimed the Jesus, that this is the son of the God. 21Were amazed and all those having heard, and said: Not this is the one having wasted in Jerusalem those calling upon the name this? and here for this had come, that having bound them he might lead to the high-priests. 22Saul but more was strengthened, and perplexed the Jews those dwelling in Damascus, proving, that this is the Anointed. 23When and were fulfilled days many, consulted together the Jews to kill him; 24was made known but to the Saul the plot of them; they were watching and the gates day both and night, that him they might kill. 25Having taken but him the disciples by night, they let down through the wall, lowering in a basket. 26Having come and into Jerusalem, he tried to unite himself to the disciples; and all feared him; not believing that he is a disciple. 27Barnabas but having taken him, brought to the apostles, and related to them, how in the way he saw the Lord, and that he spoke to him, and how in Damascus he spoke boldly in the name of the Jesus. 28And he was with them coming in and going out in Jerusalem, and speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus. 29He spoke and and contended with the Hellenists; they but took in hand him to kill. 30Having known but the brethren they brought down him to Caesarea, and sent away him into Tarsus. 31The indeed then congregations in whole of the Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace, being built up and proceeding in the fear of the Lord and the consolation of the holy spirit, were multiplied. 32It happened and Peter, passing through all, to have gone down also to the saints those dwelling Lydda. 33He found and there a man certain Eneas by name, from years eight being laid in bed, who was a paralytic. 34And said to him the Peter: Eneas, cures thee Jesus the Anointed; arise thou, and make the bed for thyself. And immediately he arose. 35And saw him all those dwelling Lydda and the Saron, who turned to the Lord. 36In Joppa and certain was a female disciple by name Tabitha, which being translated is called Dorcas; she was full of good works and of alms which she did. 37It happened and in the days those having been sick her to have died; having washed and her they laid in an upper room. 38Near and being Lydda to the Joppa, the disciples having heard that Peter is in her, sent two men to him, entreating not to delay to come over to them. 39Having arisen and Peter came with them; whom having come they laid into the upper room, and stood beside him all the widows weeping, and showing tunics and mantles, as many as she made with them being the Dorcas. 40Having put and out all the Peter having placed the knees he prayed; and having turned to the body, said: Tabitha, do thou arise. She and opened the eyes of herself; and seeing the Peter, sat up. 41Having given and to her a hand, he raised her; having called and the saints and the widows, he presented her living. 42Known and it became in whole of the Joppa; and many believed in the Lord. 43It happened and days many to remain him in Joppa, with one Simon a tanner.
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