Ephesians 5

1Become you therefore imitators of the God, as children beloved; 2walk you in love, even as also the Anointed loved us, and delivered up himself on behalf of us an offering and a sacrifice, to the God for an odor of a sweet smell. 3Fornication but and all impurity or unbridled lust not even let it be named among you, (as it becomes holy ones,) 4also indecency, and foolish talking or loose jesting, the things not becoming; but rather thanksgiving. 5This for you know knowing, that every fornicator or impure person or lascivious person, who is an idol worshipper, not has an inheritance in the kingdom of the Anointed one and of God. 6No one you let deceive with empty words; on account of these things for comes the wrath of the God on the sons of the disobedience. 7Not therefore become you associates of them. 8You were indeed once darkness, now but light in Lord; as children of light walk you; 9(the for fruit of the light in all goodness and truth;) 10searching out what is well-pleasing to the Lord; 11and not be you joint-partakers with the works with those unfruitful of the darkness, rather but even do you reprove. 12The things for in secret being done by them, indecent it is even to say. 13The but all things, being exposed by the light, are manifested; every thing for that is being manifested, light is. 14Therefore it says: Awake thou the one sleeping, and arise thou out of the dead ones, and will shine on thee the Anointed. 15See you then, how accurately you walk; not as unwise ones, but as wise ones; 16buying for yourselves the season, because the days evil are. 17Because of this not become you simple ones, but understanding what the will of the Lord. 18And not be you drunk with wine, in which is profligacy, but be you filled with spirit, 19speaking yourselves in psalms and hymns and songs spiritual singing and making music in the heart of you to the Lord; 20giving thanks at all times on behalf of all, in name the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, to the God and Father; 21submitting yourselves to each other in fear of Anointed; 22the wives to the own husbands be you submissive, as to the Lord; 23because a husband is a head of the wife, as even the Anointed a head of the congregation; he is a preserver of the body. 24But even as the congregation is subjected to the Anointed, thus also the wives to the own husbands in everything. 25The husbands, love you the wives of yourselves, even as also the Anointed loved the congregation, and himself delivered up on behalf of her, 26so that her he might sanctify, having cleansed in the bath of the water by a word; 27that might place beside he himself glorious the congregation, not having a spot or blemish or any of such like things, but that she might be holy and blameless. 28Thus are obligated the husbands to love the of themselves wives, as the of themselves bodies. He loving the of himself wife, himself loves; 29no one for ever the of himself flesh hated, but nourishes and cherishes her; as even the Anointed the congregation; 30because members we are of the body of him, out of the flesh of him, and out of the bones of him. 31On account of this shall leave a man the father of himself and the mother, and shall be closely joined to the wife of himself, and will be the two into flesh one. 32The secret this great is; I but speak about Anointed, and about the congregation. 33But also you the every one, each one the of himself wife thus let love as himself; the and wife so that she may reverence the husband.
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