Galatians 2

1Then through fourteen years again I went up to Jerusalem with Barnabas, having taken as a companion also Titus. 2I went up but according to a revelation, and submitted to them the glad tidings which I publish among the Gentiles; by private but to those appearing somewhat, lest for a vain thing I should run, or had run. 3But not even Titus he with me, a Greek being, was under a necessity to be circumcised. 4On account of but the secretly introduced false brethren; (who stole in to have spied out the freedom of us which we hold in Anointed Jesus, so that us they might enslave;) 5to whom not even for an hour we yielded by the submission, in order that the truth of the glad tidings might remain throughout with you. 6From but of those appearing to be something, of what sort once they were, nothing to me it brings; (a face God of a man not accepts;) to me for those appearing somewhat nothing communicated, 7but on the contrary, seeing, that I have been entrusted with the glad tidings of the uncircumcision, even as Peter of the circumcision, 8(he for having inwardly wrought in Peter for an apostleship of the circumcision, inwardly wrought also in me for the Gentiles,) 9and having perceived the favor that having been given to me, James and Cephas and John, those seeming pillars to be, right hands they gave to me and Barnabas of fellowship, that we indeed for the Gentiles, they but for the circumcision; 10only of the poor ones that we should be mindful; which also I strove earnestly same thing this to have done. 11When but came Peter to Antioch, before face to him I opposed, because having been blamed he was. 12Before of the for to have come some from James, with the Gentiles he was eating; when but they come, he was withdrawing and was separating himself, fearing those of circumcision. 13And dissembled with him also the other Jews; so that even Barnabas was led astray of them by the hypocrisy, 14But when I saw, that not they walk straight with respect to the truth of the glad tidings, I said to the Peter in presence of all: If thou, a Jew being, like Gentiles thou livest and not like Jews, how the Gentiles dost thou compel to Judaize. 15We by nature Jews, and not of Gentiles sinners; 16knowing and, that not is justified a man by works of law, if not on account of faith of Jesus Anointed; and we into Anointed Jesus believed, so that we may be justified by faith of Anointed, and not by works of law; because by works of law not will be justified all flesh. 17If but seeking to have been justified in Anointed we were found even we ourselves sinners, then Anointed of sin a servant? Not let it be. 18If for what I pull down, these things again I build, a transgressor myself I constitute. 19I for on account of law by law died so that by God I may live. 20With Anointed I have been crucified; I live but, no longer I, lives but in me Anointed; the but now I live in flesh, by faith I live in the of that son of the God, of that having loved me and having delivered up himself in behalf of me. 21Not I set aside the favor of the God; if for through law justification, then Anointed without cause died.
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