Galatians 3

1O thoughtless, Galatians, who you deluded? to whom with respect to eyes Jesus Anointed was before set forth among you having been crucified. 2This thing only I wish to have learned from you; on account of works of law the spirit did you receive, or on account of a hearing of faith? 3So thoughtless are you? having begun in spirit, now in flesh are you being made perfect? 4So many things you suffered without cause? If indeed even without cause. 5The then supplying to you the spirit, and working miracles among you, on account of works of law, or on account of obedience of faith? 6even as Abraham believed in the God, and it was counted to him for righteousness. 7Know you certainly, that those of faith, these are sons of Abraham. 8Having before seen and the writing, that by faith justifies the nations the God, before announced glad tidings to the Abraham: That shall be blessed in thee all the nations. 9So that those of faith, are blessed with the believing Abraham. 10As many as for of works of law are, under a curse they are; it has been written for: That accursed every one who not continues in all things those having been written in the book of the law, of the to have done them. 11That but by law no one is justified before the God, clear; because the just by faith, shall live; 12the but law not is of faith; but the one having done these things, shall live by them. 13Anointed us bought off from the curse of the law, having become on behalf of us a curse; (it has been written for: Accursed every one he being hung on a tree;) 14so that for the nations the blessing of the Abraham might be in Anointed Jesus, that the annunciation of the spirit we might receive through the faith. 15Brethren, according to man I speak; though of a man having been ratified a covenant no one sets aside or superadds. 16To the now Abraham were spoken the promises, even for the seed of him. Not he says: And to the seeds as concerning many, but as concerning one. And to the seed of thee; who is Anointed. 17This but I say; a covenant previously ratified by the God concerning Anointed, that after four hundred and thirty years having become a law not annuls, so as the to have canceled the promise; 18if for by law the inheritance, no longer by promise; to the but Abraham through promise has freely given the God. 19Why then the law? The transgressions on account of it was appointed, (to which time should have come the seed, to whom it has been promised,) having been instituted by means of messengers, in hand of mediator. 20The but mediator of one not he is; the but God one is. 21The then law contrary to the promises of the God? Not let it be. If for was given a law that being able to have made alive, truly by law was the righteousness; 22but shut up together the scripture the all things under sin, in order that the promise by faith of Jesus Anointed might be given to the believers. 23Before the but to have come the faith, under law we were guarded being shut up together for the being about faith to have been revealed. 24So that the law a child-leader of us has become, to Anointed, that by faith we might be justified; 25having come but the faith, no longer under a child-leader we are. 26All for sons of God you are through the faith in Anointed Jesus; 27as many as for into Anointed were dipped, Anointed you were clothed. 28Not there is a Jew, nor a Greek; not there is a slave, nor a freeman; not there is male and female; all for you one are in Anointed Jesus; 29if but you of Anointed, certainly of the Abraham seed you are, and according to promise heirs.
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