Galatians 4

1I say now, for as long as a time the heir a child is, nothing he differs a slave, lord of all being; 2but under guardians it is and stewards, till the before-appointed of the father. 3So also we, when we were children, under the rudiments of the world we were having been enslaved; 4when but came the fulness of the time, sent forth the God the son of himself, having been born from a woman, having been born under law, 5in order that those under law he might buy off, that the sonship we might receive. 6Because and you are sons, he sent forth the God the spirit of the son of himself into the hearts of us, crying: Abba, the Father. 7So that no longer thou art a slave, but a son; if but a son, also an heir of God through Anointed. 8But then indeed, not knowing God, you were enslaved to those by nature not being gods; 9now but, having know God, more and having been known by God, how do you turn back again to the weak and poor rudiments, to which again as at first be in subjection you wish? 10Days you watch narrowly? and moons and seasons and years? 11I am afraid you, lest perhaps in vain I labored hard for you. 12Become you as I, for even I as you; brethren, I entreat you; nothing me you wronged; 13you know but, that through weakness of the flesh I announced glad tidings to you the formerly, 14and the temptation of me that in the flesh of me not you despised nor did you spit out; but as a messenger of God you received me, even as Anointed Jesus. 15What then was the benediction of you? testify for to you, that, if able, the eyes of you having dug out would you give to me. 16So that an enemy of you have I become speaking truth to you? 17They show affection towards you not honorably; but to have shut out you they wish, so that them you may ardently love. 18Honorable but the to be ardently devoted in a good thing at all times, and not only in the to be present me with you. 19O little children of me, whom again I am bearing till may have been formed Anointed in you; 20I could wish but to be present with you now, and to change the tone of me; because I am perplexed with you. 21Speak you to me, those under law desiring to be, the law not do you hear? 22It has been written for, that Abraham two sons had; one from the bond-woman, and one from the free-woman. 23But that indeed from the bond-woman, according to flesh has been born; that but from the free-woman, through the promise. 24Which things is being adapted to another meaning; these for are two covenants; one indeed from mount Sinai, for servitude bring forth, which is Agar; 25the for Agar, Sinai a mountain it is in the Arabia, it corresponds and to the present Jerusalem, she is in bondage for with the children of herself; 26the but above Jerusalem, a free-woman is, who is a mother of us: 27It has been written for: Be thou made glad O barren who not is bearing, burst thou forth and shout thou who not is bringing to birth; because many the children of the deserted one more than of the one having the husband. 28We now, brethren, like Isaac, of a promise children are. 29But just as then he according to flesh being born persecuted him according to spirit, so also now. 30But what says the writing? Cast out the bond-woman and the son of her; not for not should inherit the son of the bond-woman with the son of the free-woman. 31Then, brethren, not we are of bond-woman children, but of the free-woman.
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