Hebrews 10

1A shadow for having the law of the about coming good things, not very the image of the things, every year by the same sacrifices which they offer for the continuance, never is able the ones drawing near to perfect. 2Otherwise not would they cease to be offered, because that no one to have longer a consciousness of sins those publicly serving, once having been cleansed? 3but in these a remembrance of sins every year. 4Impossible for blood of bulls and of goats to take away sins. 5Therefore coming into the world, he says: Sacrifice and offering not thou didst desire, a body but thou didst provide for me; 6whole burnt offerings even for sin not thou didst delight in. 7Then I said: Lo I come, (in a head of a book it has been written concerning me,) of the to do, the God, the will of thee. 8Above saying: That a sacrifice and offering and whole burnt offerings even for sin not thou didst desires, nor didst delight in; (which according to the law are offered;) 9then he said: Lo, I come of the to do the will of thee. He takes away the first, so that the second he may establish. 10By which will having been sanctified we are through the offering of the body of Jesus Anointed once for all. 11And every indeed priest has stood every day publicly serving, and the same often offering sacrifices, which never are able to take away sins. 12He but one on behalf of sins having offered a sacrifice, for the continuance sat down at right of the God, 13thenceforth waiting till may be placed the enemies of him a footstool for the feet of him. 14By one for offering he has perfected for the continuance those being sanctified. 15Testifies but to us also the spirit the holy. After for that to have said before; 16this the covenant, which I will ratify to them after the days those; says a Lord: Giving laws of me in hearts of them, and on the minds of them I will write them, 17and of the sins of them and of the iniquities of them not not I may remember more. 18Where now forgiveness of these, no longer offering for sin. 19Having therefore, brethren, confidence for the entrance of the holies by the blood of Jesus, 20which he consecrated for us a way recently killed and yet living, through the vail, (that is, the flesh of himself,) 21and a priest great over the house of the God; 22let us approach with a true heart in full conviction of faith, having been sprinkled the hearts from a consciousness of evil; 23and having been bathed the body in water pure, we should hold fast the confession of the hope without declining; (faithful for the one having promised;) 24and we should bear in mind each other for an excitement of love and of good works, 25not leaving off the assembling together of ourselves, as a custom with some, but exhorting; and by much more, by so much you see drawing near the day. 26Voluntarily for sinning of us after the to have received the knowledge of the truth, no longer respecting sins is left a sacrifice; 27fearful but some expectation of judgment, and of a fire of indignation, to eat up being about the opponents. 28Having violated any one a law of Moses, without mercies by two or three witnesses dies; 29by how much, think you, worse will he be deserving punishment he the son of the God having trampled on, and the blood of the covenant a common thing having esteemed, by which he was sanctified, and the spirit of the favor having insulted? 30We know for the one saying: To me vengeance, I will repay, says Lord; and again: Lord will judge the people of himself. 31A fearful thing the to fall into hands of God living. 32Remember you but the former days, in which having been enlightened a great contest you endured of sufferings; 33this indeed, by reproaches both and by afflictions being made a spectacle; this but, partners of those thus being overturned having become. 34And for with the prisoners you sympathized, and the seize of the goods of you with joy you submitted to, knowing to have for yourselves better property in heavens and abiding. 35Not do you cast away therefore the confidence of you, which has a reward great. 36Of patience for you have need; so that the will of the God having done, you may receive the promise. 37Yet for a little while very very, the the coming one will come and not will delay. 38The but just one by faith shall live; and if he should draw back, not delights the soul of me in him. 39We but not are for shrinking back, to destruction; but for faith, to a saving of life.
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